Urban Ecotourism



Wa'ahila Trail Map

Wa’ahila Trail Map

I. Project title



II. Project description

This project will create an outdoor activity accessible directly from UHM campus to enable students to enjoy and appreciate their surrounding community and nurture a stewardship ethic among the campus community of Manoa Valley.


III. Problem statement

UH Manoa students lack a fun outdoor experience.


IV. Purpose, goals and objectives

The purpose is to provide fun outdoor experience for students, particularly new students to UHM campus. It will show students the potential to utilize immediate surroundings for entertainment and activity and instill appreciation for the surrounding environment.


V. Methods and procedures

We will organize hikes once a month, of leisure or rigorous level.  The hike will include educational commentary which emphasizes natural and cultural history of Manoa Valley, UHM history, education and awareness of local environment and access to outdoor activities from campus.


VI. Schedule of activities


VII. Expected outcomes

The students enjoy outdoor leisure activity and cultivate stewardship ethic and sense of place.  Hopefully this will lead to energy conservation, potential community service projects and support of local businesses.


VIII. List of project materials and estimated budget


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