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UHM Adopt-a-Landscape


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I. Adopt-a-Landscape

The Environmental Center (EC) initiated an Adopt-a-Landscape project as an Earth Day event in 2005 and is proposing to expand the project as an Earth Day 2010 event.  The proposed project will foster positive academic and social interactions while providing a lasting contribution to campus landscaping.


II. Project description

The current landscaping provides educational opportunities for students and an expected outcome of the proposed project is to ensure the long-term health of the landscape and additional educational opportunities through signage to identify plants.


III. Problem statement

After steady progress on the landscaping around Krauss Annex 19 over the past five years, the current proposed activities include expansion of the existing landscaped area with additional native and culturally-relevant plants that are site appropriate.  The proposal also includes a mural for the exterior mauka wall of the EC building.

IV. Purpose, goals and objectives

The proposed project involves delivery of additional mulch and soil to expand the landscaping in the mauka-ewa area adjacent Krauss Annex 19, the makai end of the building, and the Diamond Head side of the building.  Paths will be incorporated into the design to provide attractive and safe passage to the rear entrances of the Krauss Hall complex.


V. Methods and procedures

strategies and tactics for achieving objectives

tools and resources

knowledge, skills, abilities, experience




VII. Expected outcomes

A proposed mural for the exterior mauka wall will incorporate sense of place themes, including Hawaiian natural history and the Manoa Valley watershed.


VIII. List of project materials and estimated budget

Paint materials will be determined by the Landscape Advisory Committee and purchased by the Ecology Club.  The mural will be completed in phases with a final completion date of Earth Day April 22, 2010.


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