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Bellows Beach Dune Restoration


I. Project title

Bellows Beach Sand Dune Restoration: Reestablishing Native Flora and Fauna


II. Project description

The goal of the Bellows Sand Dune Restoration project is to create a detailed management plan to restore native flora and fauna to the Bellows Beach sand dune ecosystem. Students plan to increase community awareness, education, and involvement of native habitat restoration. The long-term goal is to promote continual restoration and maintenance of Bellows Beach.


III. Problem statement

It is critical to restore native Hawaiian ecology in order to be able to preserve the pre-anthropogenic Hawaiian habitats. As caretakers of the planet, humans should restore, preserve, and protect the āina they inhabit.


IV. Purpose, goals and objectives

The objective of the research paper is to provide a reference to proper sand dune ecology of flora and fauna for the Bellows Beach Sand Dune Restoration Project.  This research paper will be included in the long-term management plan for Bellows Beach.


V. Methods and procedures

The initial phase of the research paper will be to gather creditable resources and contact various native Hawaiian botanist experts.  Students will then create a report to show their findings.

VI. Schedule of activities

Project Timeline – Oct. 14, 2012 – Dec. 9, 2012


VII. Expected outcomes

This project will create a management plan to restore native Hawaiian sand dune ecology. The project will also create a sample plot that will serve as a template for the continual Bellows Sand Dune Restoration efforts. Overall, it will educate the community in the importance and functions of the native Hawaiian sand dunes.

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